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Home Landscapes can help native bee populations

Interview with Heather Holm acclaimed author of “Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide” – Blog post gardeninacity, October 2018 Why should native bee conservation be an urgent concern for gardeners? With the significant […read more]

Author: Jim Nelson

Beneficial Insects with Stingers, a Little Guidance

Edith Path a famous entomologist (with Minnesota roots) observed nearly a hundred years ago:  “someday the agriculture bureaus will be more concerned with the conservation and preservation of beneficial insect life than they are now […read more]

Author: Jim Nelson

2014 Nurturing Pollinators

A prairie management priority! The vitality of our prairie pollinators can be a force multiplier to strengthen our prairie preserves and adjacent agriculture fields.  A recent study by Emory University researcher Berry Brosi and UCal […read more]

Author: Jim Nelson

Nurturing Prairie Pollinators

Can we “make a difference” in the challenge of fewer plant pollinators? Like many prairie landowners we believe that pollinators are a key to the health and vigor of our prairie landscape. While many plants […read more]

Author: Jim Nelson

Propagating Remnant Populations of Rattlesnake Master

Could a poet be enraptured with a wild flower called Rattlesnake Master? Could a story teller be interested in the “rescue” of these novel shaped remnants from era of expansive Minnesota prairies? This plant’s name […read more]

Author: Jim Nelson

About us

The Nelson Family Farm is a native plant nursery that uses seeds from local prairie remnants. We produce native plants from local ecotype seeds. We also produce healthy vegetables from heirloom seeds. Our mission includes maintain a wildlife refuge, conducting research on conservation and training people in native community restoration. It is a place for people to gather to nurture the spiritual joy that springs from renewing the earth.

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