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Bumbe Bee Behaviour – Helpful Resources

We can learn a lot about bumble bees, their life activities, work habits and and unique contributions to the world we share. Here are some links to useful resources  that can we easily accessed:

Bumble Bee Basics

This brief overview video does an excellent job of highlighting of the “unique attributes” of this ground nesting super pollinator.

Native Pollinators: the Bumble Bee.

Native Pollinators: The Bumble Bee


Executive Producers: Scott Fulton and Karen Agee
Produced/Directed etc: Joe Maurer
Additional photography: Eric Preston, Samantha Vo, Getty Images
Bee Puppets and sets: Lori Chilefone and Joe Maurer
Lighting: Jyl Kelly
Music: Lucas Stangl, Deirdre Jenkins and Eric ‘Pedals’

This short also appears as a part of a documentary “Prairie Enthusiasm! – Protecting our Natural Heritage” copyright 2015 The Prairie Enthusiasts.

Thinking Outside of the Hive

The average person finds it challenging to believe that Queen bumble bees begin each year as “single mothers” and  they begin family life by carving a home into the ground. This International Wildlife Film provides a detailed description of this laborious nest building process.

Look and Learn

Pause  and enjoy our time by carefully observing the busy bumble bees in our gardens or natural areas.  There are over 250 bumble bee species worldwide about 50 in North America of which 11 (5 common) can be found in Minnesota. The Upper Midwest Citizen Science Monitoring Guide provides useful context for study (all native bee) plus identification of local bumble bees.

Our Favorite Books

Evans, Elaine; Burns, Ian; Spivak, Marla. (2007). Befriending Bumble Bees: A Practical Guide to Raising Local Bumble Bees. St. Paul, MN: University of Minnesota Extension Service

Heinrich, Bernd. 1979. Bumblebee Economics. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.